1. Privacy Policy and Use of Your Personal Information

1.1. Information gathered from Your use of the Site

1.1.5. Personal Information will be stored by and may be used by Us:

1.2. Sharing and international transfer of information

We will not transfer personal data about you to any country outside of the European Economic Area without first ensuring that adequate protections are put in place for your benefit in accordance with best industry practice and the Data Protection Act 1991.

1.3. We shall need Your specific consent for disclosure of certain types of information about You or to You

If You opt in using the "Signup" button, We may tell You about products or services or invite You to take part in offers of Ours that We think may benefit You. We may do this by email or via our website.

We won’t pass any details or metrics on to any other person or company without first your written consent. We will however use your email address with our 3rd Party mail provider to notify you of offers and discount deals from BDBikes.

Your information cannot be used or retained by our 3rd party Mailer providers.

1.4. You will be entitled, on payment of a fee, to a copy of the details and Personal Information We hold about You if You apply to Us in writing.